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We did it!

The public subsidy agreement match was met! Yes!!!

I am now in the Twin Cities picking up signs for Cindy Ansbacher for House1B and for SD1 candidate Reed Perkins. Jeeps are awesome. Amazingly my signs and Reed Perkins signs fit. My car had a little bit of trouble and I am now at a shop. Apparently the smoking smell coming from the car was a stuck break. I am at Bobby & Steve's Auto World, off of Washington in Minneapolis. They will have my Jeep done tonight, then home sweet home.

I have been thinking of the Virtual Town Hall. It was nice to have Ken Martin, the Chair of the Minnesota DFL attend. He shared a quote from Paul Wellstone " If we don't fight hard enough for the things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don't really stand for them." We have a very energetic and strong DFL in Northwest Minnesota. I believe we put the Farmer and Labor in the party's name.

Some of the meetings topics were:

E- Cigarettes' and what can be done to protect our children and youth from getting ill or addicted from them . The E-cigarette companies use fun flavors and designs to entice our youth.

Covid-19. I opened up with a long analysis of the new virus and our response as a society.

Thankfully the supporting candidates Reed Perkins for SD1 and Connie Lindstrom for House1B, were more practical and focused on the importance of wearing masks to protect ourselves and others. And to remind us that in addition to wearing masks, social distancing and as much as possible limit travel and errands.

Education in the time of Covid-19. Even before Covid-19 our educational system was strapped. Educators before Covid-19 were asking for full funding of the public education system. The candidates shared concern that when the Educators, Students, and the Paras

return to their schools, it be in a safe healthy environment.

Biodiesel fuels- Connie Lindstrom for House 1A was able to share in detail the importance of Biodiesel Fuel in the world of business.

If you watched the Virtual Meeting this past Sunday at 3pm, please share your thoughts.

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