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Freedom Festival in Goodridge Minnesota held this past July 25th 2020.

It was so nice to be able to participate in a Parade during these times of Covid-19. With temperatures near 100 degrees, almost everyone still participated in safe practices.

Center Photo-The Color Guard was most impressive, being present and doing their duty in such heat.

Right Photo- Reed Perkins candidate for Senate District 1, Connie Lindstrom Candidate for House District 1A and myself in blue and candidate for House 1B.

Left Photo- The DFL Bus. We are finding out during Covid-19 restrictions how very resilient we are as individuals and as a community. The photo of the DFL bus has a quote on its side from the late Paul Wellstone which is, "We all do better when we all do better".

*My signs are in, if anyone would like one for their lawn, just send a note or an email.

*Please make sure you have requested a ballot for the up coming primary and general elections.

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