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     My name is Cindy Ansbacher and I am running for Minnesota House 1B. I have been active on the board of the Polk County DFL since 2015, and I have been on the Polk County DFL Executive Board since 2016. I am proud to be endorsed by the Minnesota DFL.

     I live, work and volunteer in Crookston. I enjoy taking part in crafts and the arts. Photography and watercolors are my favorite medium. The photos on my webpage are mostly taken by me. I also love to participate in and promote local events. 

     My birthplace is Minneapolis. While attending public schools in Minneapolis, I had the honor of being selected for the Legislative Page Program by my high school principle Dr. Joyce Jackson. Working with State Representative Ken Nelson, I developed familiarity with the Capital itself and more importantly the legislative process. After graduation from Minneapolis Central High, I was accepted by the American Field Service to be a foreign exchange student in Finland for one year. 

     I went on to earn my Bachelors Degree of Science in Nursing at the University of North Florida. In 1995 my son Benjamin came into the world. Such a joy! Benjamin is now 25 years of age. He lives in Florida, but we find time to visit each other in the summers and winters.  While in Florida, most of my nursing was focused on critical care nursing and volunteering my skills when possible. My volunteer nursing activities have included: the Sulzbacher Center a homeless shelter in downtown Jacksonville, Breast Feeding counselor, working with the American Red Cross to help run a medical shelter (just after Hurricane Andrew hit Miami in August of 1992), and Cub Scout camp nurse.

     In 2006  I moved into my family home in Crookston. Since then, I have been active in community affairs , including serving on the board of the Prairie Skyline Foundation and assisting n the restoration of the old Cathedral on Ash St. I participate in local groups like the Sons of Norway and a local Collectors club. 

     With the advent of Covid-19 , I have been making and donation face masks to friends, family, work places, hospitals, our nursing home, and to the public. I currently enjoy working as a Designated Support Person with Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota.

     I am running for office to help Greater Minnesota become a better place for everyone. I am asking you to join me because when we work together, we can build the kind of grassroots power that makes real change. 


Tropical Leaves

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